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As millions of new candidates worldwide search for new alternatives to study abroad, our portal receives hundreds of new applications and/or queries each and every day. That makes handling of each application with equal care and utmost professional concentration nearly impossible for us!

Even though we deal with each application file studiously; check them for appropriateness, guide the candidates to make it complete, and eventually publish them in our “fair venue” to attract the attention of visiting universities for free, that might not be enough for reaching the desired outcomes for candidates every time.

In the meantime, dealing with each file from application to registration so as to deliver exactly what it is desired by the candidate brings some additional costs to us anytime.

When all the similar reasons are taken into account, we have to differentiate between the most decided aspirants and the less! So, because it’s the only way to make it possible, we offer our professional services in exchange for the subscription to a professional package including some additional services as follows:

-Uninterrupted communication and continuous consultation via all the channels available
-Professional application file preparation
-A dedicated search and evaluation for the best alternatives
-Finding out and matching with the best fit choice/s
-Making complete and successful applications
-Tracking the applications, following up the announcements, deadlines, and updates with the relevant institutions, and pushing them for positive results in favor of the applicant
-Mentoring and training the applicant to prepare for and fulfill all the requirements in time and place, and be successful in the process (including public university admissions and Turkish Scholarships)
-Providing continuous updates and reporting to the applicant during the whole process
-Giving the guarantees of what is promised (admission and/or scholarship) to be accomplished

Therefore, we recommend comparing the cost and benefits our services carefully and elaborately, by means of the information given above; subscribing to stand out of the crowd, and multiplying your chances with us for being an eligible candidate of what you desire.

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