In addition to the “Premium Services Pack”;

  • We guarantee the realization of your targets and fulfillment of the special conditions (with regards to the university, program, tuition fee, scholarship, etc.) mutually agreed upon
  • We provide consultancy support to you as a “Project Student”, from your admission to your graduation, with no additional charges
  • Applying for Warranty Pack does not guarantee your subscription instantly. First, we need to take your complete application, review your background, and confirm your eligibility, just before the final subscription and the fee payment. In case your profile fits for admission to a top tier university, or a public university, and/or for a full scholarship, we undertake your admission project.
  • The total service fee starts from USD 950, and the pack expires by the final registration, except for the second item mentioned above, regarding the privilege of being a “Project Student”
  • The fee paid for this pack is fully or partially refundable under certain conditions of nonfulfilment as offered and agreed upon.

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