You can sign up for free and make a complete application to get better served. Making a complete application will help us clearly see who you are, what academic background and credentials you have, and how they can be matched with your needs and aspirations. We will be sharing the results of our first assessment with you through a detailed and fit-for-purpose report special for you, soon after your application file is completed.

Besides, making a complete application may bring some additional benefits to you:

  • We keep you updated on the new admission and scholarship opportunities as they arise and seem to be at reach with your profile strength and aspirations.
  • We choose from among the most successful candidates and focus on their admissions for free. That means those applicants have a chance to get our dedicated services without paying any fees.
  • The university representatives who visit the profiles on our portal may select you and invite for application or send an offer letter directly.

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Attention: We are neither a governmental entity nor a scholarship awarding body! To avoid confusion, we must emphasize that by making an application on our portal, you won’t be made a scholarship application directly. What we can do in this respect is guiding and assisting you to catch the available opportunities…

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