Turkiye Scholarships: You gain a full-dress scholarship including university placement, tuition fee, accommodation, monthly stipend, and once-off flight ticket. It seems to be the best option for highly successful applicants, but it’s too competitive and tough to be awarded. You can check for detailed information and application.

Public Universities: Being admitted provides a hidden scholarship to you in the form of a tuition fee waiver, as the Turkish Government covers 90% of the total cost of study on the average. In that way, you can have a chance to study almost free regardless of the degree (associate, bachelor, master, or PhD) that you’re seeking. Even if admission in top tier universities and some universities in the major cities is still highly competitive and tough to be gained, the existence of 129 public universities with thousands of course alternatives makes your chances still high enough. You can check how attractive are the fees here and contact us to take this advantage more easily. If you’re seeking a graduate degree, you can check the indicative fees here

Private Universities: Studying at a private university seems to be costly! However, most of the private universities offer attractive discounts to the average candidates after a successful application. No need to say, the top-scoring candidates still have the chance to gain a full scholarship in the form of a full tuition waiver. Of course, the top tier universities or subjects like medicine or dentistry are in very high demand and more competitive. You can check the listed fees here and contact us to know how high a discount you could gain from the universities you prefer. If you’re seeking a graduate degree, you can check the indicative fees here

Easy Solution for Bachelors: If you’re looking for a bachelor’s degree but feel that your chances for one of the first three options are not quite high, or if you just want to make your seat in Turkey ensured, you can choose to apply for one of the hundreds of associate degree options (two-yearly vocational schools) and get enrolled more easily and cheaply. Afterward, you can upgrade your degree to bachelor’s without losing your time or make a vertical transfer to a bachelor’s program before your graduation. You can contact us to see how incredibly low may cost of studying at these institutions be, even if you don’t seem to be a very successful candidate.

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