Dear Candidate,

This is an open letter to you to help pursue an admission with a scholarship to study in Turkey.

As you may already know, almost all of the young people who started dreaming to study abroad desire to be awarded a full-dress scholarship. There’s no abnormality in that. But nevertheless, scholarships on the earth are not that abundant and the awarding institutions have to apply some well-defined criteria to choose from among a huge population of claimants. Nearly all of the time, the first priority criterion to do so is the merit* of the applicant and usually, the impact of a bundle of other selection criteria on the final decision is nearly negligible.

Being in a position to deal with hundreds of full scholarship requests from every corner of the world every day, made us felt obliged to prepare a visual guide based on de facto indicators (not rules), and here it is for your perusal:

* Merit:

“The quality of being particularly good or worthy, especially so as to deserve praise or reward. (Lexical meaning from an online dictionary)

When it comes to international admissions, academic background and credentials represent the most significant portion of the definition of “merit”. That includes the name and reputation of your alma mater, your CGPA, and points in specific subjects related to the major you apply to, your national and/or international exam scores, proven language skills, certified experiences and/or trainings, projects, co-curricular activities, etc.

Furthermore, merit is needed to be proven through some other documents like a strong motivational letter or proposal and reference letters. Many of the institutions might also need to interview with you and your references to make it sure that you are truly eligible!

Our purpose here is not to make you disappointed or demotivated, but to make you aware of the tough competition and processes you are being involved in. Unfortunately, expressing that you are terribly in need of a scholarship or how you want to get it is never enough; millions of your “competitors” are spending their time doing the same!

So, we’re just advising you to differentiate yourself and stand out of the crowd. Work hard, get informed, and prepare well to make the most of the opportunities available to you now!

Also be informed that if you have got some distinctive abilities in life, like being talented in sports (May you be a national player or athlete?), arts (May you be a performing artist?), sciences (May you be a self-motivated researcher?), technology (May you have an innovative project already?), etc. you may have bigger chances to be eligible for admission and scholarships by using the evidences of your ability.

Finally, always bear in mind that the priority rank of different selection criteria is never like that:

1. Need (Never distinctive as everyone needs a scholarship!)
2. Willingness (Never distinctive if it’s not evolved into a strong, decided, and labored effort: aspiration!)
3. Merit (Distinctive and impactful!)
So, reverse the order in your mind and start working for your future. Don’t wait for anyone to help you before you help yourself first!

With our Best Wishes,

Study in Turkey Team
International Education Tools Co.