In addition to the “Further Services”;

  • We build a project for you to assure your admission to one of your targeted universities
  • We work closely with you to get better offers with higher scholarship ratios and lower tuition fees
  • We prepare a budgetary plan that works for you, including all living expenses besides your tuition
  • We deliver consultancy for visa and residence permit procedures in close contact with you
  • We help you find the best-fit transportation, insurance, and accommodation options and accompany you on-site when needed
  • We help you fulfill all the requirements and formalities of a successful registration and accompany you on-site when needed
  • We help you in official document translation and equivalence formalities
  • We deliver consultancy for university entrance examinations like YÖS, SAT, GRE, and GMAT; diagnose your need; follow up the exam dates, application deadlines, and announcement of results for you; arrange your participation and preparations (e.g. pathway courses), if needed; and manage the schedules on your behalf
  • Any applicant can also apply to take advantage of this pack and we send offers to those eligible candidates, following an evaluation of personal credentials and a decent elimination
  • The total service fee starts from USD 450, and the pack expires at the end of September 2019
  • If the applicant upgrades to “Warranty Pack”, the fee for this pack will be deducted from the new pack’s fee
  • The fee paid for this pack is partially refundable under certain conditions of nonfulfilment as offered and agreed upon.

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