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KTO Karatay University Online Scholarship Exam


Exam Date 08 July 2019, Monday, between 13:30-23:59 (Turkish local time)
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Password Karatay1251.?
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Our Telephone/WhatsApp Number +90 533 150 2078

 Important Information: 

  • The exam will be online. Please make sure that you will be connected to the internet throughout the exam.
  • You are required to change your username after your login for the first time.
  • The exam will be available between the hours given above. Please make sure that you start the exam at least 3 hours before 23:59. After 23:59 the system will be closed and you will be logged off.
  • The exam will consist of 60 Quantitive and 60 Verbal questions. All applicants have to answer all of these (120) questions. However, applicants who want to study at Turkish-English Translation and Interpreting Department and Turkish-Arabic Translation and Interpreting Department will be answering 60 Arabic or 60 English questions only.
  • The time for each part of the exam (each part consists of 60 questions) is 75 minutes.
  • The exam can be reached in two different languages: Turkish and English. Depending on the applicant’s knowledge of Turkish and English all applicants are welcome to choose their exam language before the exam.
  • Please do not forget to write a letter of intent after answering multiple choice questions.
  • When you log out or when your internet connection fails you will not be able to take the exam again.
  • You can not return to questions unanswered. Please do your best to answer all the questions since wrong answers do not affect your score.
  • The results of the exam and placements will be announced on 21 July 2019, on our web page.
  • In case you have not paid the exam fee (100 TL) you can pay it after the exam and please keep in mind that without paying this fee you will not be able to see your exam score.

Payment Information:

Bank     : Halkbank

Branch  : Aziziye Branch

IBAN    : TR93 0001 2001 3240 0016 1000 13

Please do not forget to state your name on the receipt while transferring the fee.

  • Please do not forget to inform us about any change in your 5 major/department selection. Send an email to before 23 June 2019.
  • Enrollments to the university will be between 23-26 July 2019. You are required to be on campus personally.
  • KTO Karatay University holds the right to ask any or some of the exam questions to applicants verbally after the exam. Any attempt to get help while doing the exam or letting someone answer the exam questions will result in the cancellation of the exam.
  • Applicants living in Konya are welcome to take the exam on campus, Merkezi Derslik Binası, M302 at 13:30.
  • Current students of KTO Karatay can only take the exam to start their studies at another department from the beginning.
  • Please make sure that you have your paper and pencil with you.

Good luck!


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