Every year, hundreds of seats with a full scholarship or lowest tuition fee option that would be available for successful candidates are remaining unused while the eligible candidates are complaining about the unavailability of their good options and loss of precious time.

There’s nothing abnormal in this mismatch because finding the “hidden opportunities” requires expertise, elaborated research, close follow up, and utilization of the right connections.

So, what do we mean by “hidden opportunities”?

There are many reasons why “hidden opportunities” exist and the candidates can not match with their best options while they are at their reach actually:

-There are more than 200 universities and too many course options to choose from which make the research and selection process too complicated for unprofessional and uninformed individuals.

-There’s a lack of enough information publicly available in most cases while there are too many secondary variables each needs to be considered well and handled with a professional look, deeper information, and field experiences. It’s teamwork!

-Most of the public universities, and some of the private universities, either do not promote the opportunities they provide or not good at doing that at all. So, if you are not in continuous touch with them and can’t have a closer look every time, these opportunities will remain invisible for you forever, and be missed.

-Private universities offer much better conditions when the correct channels are used, and properly approached to the whole process, than an uninformed and improper individual application. This is because they mostly allocate their best offers to their representatives’ use and the conditions applied differ significantly from their official declarations for individual applicants.

Even if more can be counted to explain the reasoning, we stop here doing that because most of the candidates, especially those who are undecided yet and also running on limited budgets, have already been experiencing the difficulty, and well aware!

If you are one of those living in the haste of finding your best fit option, we would like to extend a helping hand to ease everything for you and to make your targets highly attainable.

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