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“Home Countries Gallery” is for sharing and accumulating information about your country

“Share something about your country with us!”

In this gallery, you will find the countries from which students are coming to study in Turkey. There are 178 flags in the gallery showing how diversified the international student body in Turkey has become.

When you click one of the country flags below, you will reach to the information/communication page of that country which is aimed to help you in collecting or sharing information related to that specific country. Besides our posts to that pages, we believe the Turkish universities will contribute by posting their news, announcements, testimonials, etc. touching any of the countries, so as to build a rich library day by day in the help of new future students or ongoing students who want to be informed of the new developments.

Therefore, any contributions from anyone concerned, including the students whether ongoing or future, are welcome to our pages. Please use the comment boxes at the bottom of the pages to participate in. Especially, your inputs about your own country will be very useful and helpful for all!

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