In addition to the “Free Services”;

  • We help you to use the search engine more effectively; we run searches on your behalf, select the most suitable programs for you, and prepare a custom report special to your needs
  • We help you to complete your application more easily and to make it more attractive for your targeted universities
  • We handle your application as a dedicated consultant; deliver your file to the concerned units of universities, and follow up the whole process, from application to acceptance, on your behalf
  • You’ll be exempt from the fees that you have otherwise to pay for individual applications to the universities (around USD 100 each)
  • You receive automatic notifications and updates for any changes and new opportunities
  • You can consult with us via e-mail,phone, text, whatsapp, and skype anytime
  • Any applicant can register and benefit from the services
  • The standard service fee is USD 150
  • If the applicant upgrades to another pack, the total fees paid will be deducted from the new pack’s fee
  • The fee paid for this pack is non-refundable

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