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City: Kayseri

“Erciyes University was established under the name of Kayseri University in 1978. Gevher Nesibe Faculty of Medicine was established as an affiliate of Hacettepe University in 1969, and Kayseri Faculty of Business was established in 1977; these two academic units formed the core of the Kayseri University. In 1982 Kayseri University incorporated with two higher education institutions: Kayseri High Islamic Institute which was established in 1967, and Kayseri State Academy of Architecture and Engineering which was established in 1977. The additions to Kayseri University served as the Faculty of Theology and the Faculty of Engineering and the name of the university was changed to Erciyes University. The name of the university was inspired by Mt Erciyes (3916 m), which lies 15 kilometers to the south-west of the city. Mt Erciyes is one of Turkey’s most influential winter sports centers. Today, Erciyes University consists of 18 faculties, 4 colleges, 10 vocational schools, 7 institutes, 6 departments and more than 37 research centers. The highly developed research hospital consisted of more that 1,500 beds with a general hospital (Gevher Nesibe Hospital) as well as Heart and Vascular Diseases Hospital, Organ Transplant and Dialysis Hospital, Oncology Hospital, Children’s Hospital and Bone Marrow Transplantation and Stem Cell Therapy Center are among the most influential health facilities in the region.

Upon the endowment of Erciyes University, the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Theology, Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Literature and Sciences were already providing education. As the university grew the following faculties were formulated into the educational structure: Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts in 1992, Yozgat Faculty of Engineering and Architecture in 1995, Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, Yozgat Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and Yozgat Faculty of Science in 1995, Nevsehir Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Dentistry and Faculty of Communication in 1997, Faculty of Education in 2002, Faculty of Law and Faculty of Pharmacy in 2003 and Develi Seyrani Faculty of Agriculture in 2005.

The colleges that provide a four year education are as follows: College of Physical Education and Sports, Kayseri Atatürk College of Health Sciences, College of Civil Aviation, School of Foreign Languages, College of Tourism and Hotel Management, Nevşehir College of Tourism and Hotel Management, Nevsehir College of Health and Yozgat College of Health Sciences. The vocational colleges that provide a 2-year education are: Kayseri Vocational College, Halil Bayraktar Health Services Vocational College, Safiye Çıkrıkçıoğlu Vocational College, Kocasinan Vocational College, Social Sciences Vocational College, Nevşehir Vocational College, Yozgat Vocational College and Develi Vocational College. The faculties, colleges and vocational colleges of Erciyes University that were endowed on the Yozgat campus joined Yozgat Bozok University which was established in 2006; the faculties, colleges and vocational colleges that were endowed on the Nevşehir campus were joined to Nevşehir University which was established in 2007.

In 2006, Kocasinan Vocational College was renamed as Mustafa Çıkrıkçıoğlu Vocational School.

In 2010, Erciyes University Faculty of Science and Literature separated and became their own faculties. Also, Atatürk Health College was converted into the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Vocational Schools were established on the main campus and branch campuses. In 2006 Bunyan Vocational College, In 2016 Pınarbaşı Vocational College, 2010 Vocational College of Justice and in 2011 Tomarza Vocational College were established and began education and training.

The Faculty of Civil Aviation and Space Sciences; and College of Applied Sciences was established in 2012. The College of Tourism and Hotel Management was converted to the Faculty of Tourism in 2013.

During the 2015-2016 academic year there were more than 60.000 students in various levels of education (associate, bachelors, masters and doctorate) with a rich academic staff consisting of more than 2.350 personnel.

Since 1984 graduate education at Erciyes University has become quite important. Currently there are 9.000 MSc students and 1.500 PhD students that are receiving education at the Institutes of Natural Sciences, Health Sciences and Social Sciences, Fine Arts, Educational Sciences, Atatürk’s Principles and History of Turkish Revolution and Gevher Nesibe History of Medicine .

Erciyes University has been able to integrate education, research and health services all on one campus. An important part of the infrastructure at Erciyes University is that a large portion of the buildings were built and donated to the university by the local benefactors. Some of our benefactors also furnished the buildings and provided equipment. Such a convenience has created a fairly new model for our country. In recent years, Erciyes University has shown great progress with the important developments and has the ability to be a center of excellence . Due to these recent developments, our university has emerged the image “Our University” in our community by giving confidence and hope for future developments.”
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