Ege University

City: İzmir

“Ege University was founded by the Law No 6595 issued on May 20th, 1955 and initiated its teaching and academic activities on March 9th, 1956.

The Minister of National Education of the time, in his speech made for the opening ceremony of Ege University mentioned that:

“..A centre of science was born in this beatiful land. We believe in that our children sparkling from this centre would bring light to every tiny corner of our country as torches of science. I believe Ege University would not only be the fountain of inspiration for today´s generation, it would be for the future generations as well. I wish success for the professors, scientists and the students of Ege University, and I desire with all of my heart that Ege University would bring goodness to Aegeans, to our country and to humanity. ”

The oldest two faculties of Ege University are the faculties of Medicine and Agriculture which were founded in 1955. Within the same academic year, the School of Nursing was also established.

Ege University had shown a rapid progress in the following years: The Faculty of Science in 1961, Faculty of Engineering and Dentistry in 1968 were launched for the sake of contributing scientific development. Within the same period of time, Academia of Economic and Commercial Sciences was adhered to Ege University under the name of Faculty of Economics and Commercial Sciences as well.

The faculties of Fine Arts, Pharmacy and Social Sciences started to their academic activities in 1976. In 1977, the Faculty of Food Engineering, and ?zmir Faculty of Medicine as the second faculty of Medicine in the region, and the Faculty of Law were established. In the same year, the Faculty of Economics and Commercial Sciences was divided into two separate units and transformed into two faculties: one was Faculty of Management and the other was the Faculty of Economics.

Several Schools, Institutes, and Faculties of Textile, Machinery, Chemistry and Earth Sciences were established by the development of some departments in time in Ege University, which had completed its establishment period in almost twenty years.

With the enactment of the statutory decree no 41 in 1982, another university, Dokuz Eylül University had emerged from the Ege University which was the only university in the region at that time, and some faculties and units outside of the Ege University Campus were handed over to Dokuz Eylül University. Besides, various faculties and schools of Ege University scattered though the region have become the first faculties of Pamukkale University, Celal Bayar University and Adnan Menderes University, which were established later in 1992, in the region.

Ege University has 15 faculties, 9 graduate schools, 15 (10+5) Vocational Schools , a State Turkish Music Conservatory, 6 Departments and 34 Application and Research Centers and 59.472 undergraduate and associate degree students and 9276 post graduate students. With a total number of 68.748 students by Academic Year 2016-2017, Ege University has 3169 academic and 3827 administrative staff.

Ege University, which has schools and vocational schools in Ödemis, Bayindir, Aliaga, Bergama, Tire, Çesme and Urla districts, is located in 3.450 hectares of land. It is a campus city of 80.000 people comprising a modern library equipped with the latest technology, social facilities, open and closed swimming pools, closed sports halls, sports facilities, shopping centers, exhibition areas and Student Village.

In the campus there is Prof. Dr. Yusuf Vardar – MÖTBE Culture Center serving for congress, culture and art activities, and Ataturk Culture Center in the city center (Konak), Experiment Station and Breeding Farm in Menemen, Observatory in Karada?, fishery facilities in Urla and Tuzla, Summer Camp in Özdere, training and recreation facilities in Çesme.”
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