Dumlupınar University

City: Kütahya

“Dumlupinar University is composed of two main campuses, Evliya Çelebi Campus and Germiyan Campus, located in the centre of Kütahya and 10 smaller campuses located in ten different districts. The Central Campus is located on a large area of over 7500 decares. The main gate of this campus was built in Ottoman-Seljukian style, the basic style of all the buildings in campus, in a form welcoming everyone. This enormous gate made of stone has got two large towers in the middle and there are other towers gradually getting smaller on both sides among which there are chambered entrances. A large ring road which separates those areas still under construction surrounds the existing buildings. No vehicles are allowed to enter inside the faculty blocks. Thus the areas for vehicles and the pedestrians are separated to a large extend. Right after the large Stone Gate there is a 160×300 m large square inside the campus.

Opposite the Stone Gate, the Rectorate Building is located. On the right and left sides of the square there are the Faculties of Art and Science, Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Education with their deans offices and education buildings. On the square, there are five pools located on a line between the Rectorate Building and the Stone Gate. Between the pools and the Rectorate Building there is the Monument of Atatürk and Dumlupinar which represents our university.

Dumlupinar University has got 10 faculties, namely the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Dentistry, the Faculty of Fine Arts, Simav Technical Education and Technology Faculty, Faculty of Architecture; 5 schools, namely the School of Applied Sciences, the School of Physical Education and Sports, Kütahya School of Heath, Tavşanlı School of Tourism and Hotel Management and School of Foreign Languages; 4 graduate schools, namely the Graduate School of Health Sciences, the Graduate School of Science, the Graduate School of Social Sciences and the Graduate School of Educational Sciences; and 15 vocational schools named after the districts they are located in, which are Kütahya (town centre), Tavsanli, Simav, Gediz, Emet, Hisarcik, Domaniç, Altintas, Saphane, Pazarlar.

Kütahya , a city in western Turkey, is located at the crossroads of the highways and railroads connecting Central Anatolia, Marmara and Mediterranean regions to the Aegean Region. By the inter-city public busses it takes about 4 or 5 hours from Kütahya to Ankara, Izmir or Istanbul while it takes about 6 hours to Antalya. Transportation to the campuses is through the municipality buses or private public buses in the city center and districts.”
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