Bozok University

City: Yozgat

“Bozok University, established on 01 Mart 2006 and started education in 2007 – 2008 Academic Year with 3 Faculties 1 School and 2 Vocational Schools. By the year 2013 it has been continuing its service with totally 8 faculties, 3 institutions, 6 vocational schools, 5 schools, 1 research and application hospital, 7 research centers.

Our Mission
Regarding itself as a center for science, Bozok University aims to train students, who ensure the continuity of the Turkish Nation, towards the benefits of our country in accordance with the principles of Atatürk and science.

Our Vision
Our primary goals are raising our education standards of all units to the international contemporary university standards level and becoming one of the rooted universities in Turkey.”
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