Here is how a latecomer can turn it into an advantage!

Keep Calm & Enjoy Your Advantages

You want to study in Turkey, but couldn’t catch with the deadlines for the fall 2019 intake?

“Don’t worry, even if you didn’t find what you’re looking for!”

As more than half of the newly admitted students need to take language preparation courses for one year before they start their majors, you’ve possibly lost nothing yet!

Contrarily, you may turn it into your big advantage!


– Here is the formula:
[Admission for 2019] + [Language Preparation for 1 year] = [Language Preparation for 1 year] + [Admission for 2020]

And, this is only in terms of time…

What more is that;
– You’ll take language courses cheaper than a university offers,
– As an early-bird applicant, you’ll have the chances to catch every opportunity that will arise,
– You’ll have many options to evaluate and choose from among, ending up with a much more desirable result and affordable financial table,
– You’ll get our dedicated professional support in the whole process whether it may relate to a public or private university admission, or just to a scholarship competition!