For the sake of easiness only, we recommend making a shortlist of your choices before starting your application and make copies of all application documents ready to upload on your device. Anyway, since you can complete your application step by step, you can refer to the search tool whenever needed in the process.

-You need to “Sign Up” first to have an account.
-After done, you need to “Sign In” to fill out your brief profile.
-As a last step, you need to click “Start/Track My Application” and fill out the forms for a complete application.
-Once you complete and submit your file, you can track your application status and follow up the offers you will be receiving from the same address.

Before the application, you can also make a quick check of the availability of different options for you HERE. In other words, you can have a better idea of your eligibility for the available options with respect to your past academic success.