Nuh Naci Yazgan University

City: Kayseri

“I was the first member of the board of directors at Higher Education Relief Foundation, which started its activities in order to establish a university in 1974 in Kayseri. I served as a president for 24 years and 13 years as a member and saw the completion of the establishment of Erciyes University. So, we are proud of the establishment and completion of a university called “Nuh Naci Yazgan,” who had great efforts to education since 1938.

Believing that everything starts with education, in the 2011-2012 academic year, we aim to educate young people who are intellectual, attached to Republican principles, filled with the love of the Country and Flag, free and conscious.

We should not forget that the sleep of the scholar is better than the worship of the uneducated.

I hope our university will be good for our country and the young and I wish you success.

Mustafa Nevzat ÖZHAMURKAR
Chairman of the Board of Trustees”
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