We believe in the power of multinationalism and multiculturalism.

So, we aspire to make a contribution to the globalization efforts on earth through our tiny but waxing impacts on the internationalization of higher education in our country.

With this design, our “Study in Turkey” portal, with its embedded tools, aims to open the doors of mine of information to the foreign students-and their parents-, counselors, educators, agencies and other stakeholders.

We take generation and publication of information that will be unique, useful and impactful as our mission. Therefore, we will not clutter up our pages with stereotype information about Turkey and the institutions which anyone can find any time on the boundless web. Of course, that doesn’t mean that we will not generate concise information and content here, and not share “read more” links to the web content that we like and recommend. Read More…

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Turkey’s ‘new target’ of 350,000 international students-by Viggo Stacey-PIE News-May 29th, 2018