Uşak University

City: Uşak

“Uşak University, founded in 2006, is a reputable state university in the light of mind and science with its young and dynamic academic staff.

Our university, with its academic units, teaching staff, number of students, physical capacity and scientific studies; with social, cultural and sportive activities, is a university that stands out among the higher education institutions of our country with firm steps.

There are 12 faculties, 3 vocational schools providing undergraduate education, 11 vocational colleges providing pre-undergraduate education, 3 institutes providing post-graduate education and 27 research application centers. University buildings (except the Faculty of Dentistry) are located on the main campus.

Uşak University, which is the shining star of the region with its 11-year old young and dynamic national and international academic staff and student-centered management approach, have become a pilot university in the fields of leathermaking, textiles and ceramics within the framework of the MISSION DIFFERENTIATION AND SPECIALIZATION AIMED AT REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT.”
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